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EuBiohacking is the thoughtful exploration with the goals of optimization of mind, body, and spiritual performance through the leveraging of technology, and insights into nutrition, sleep, mind, work, and movement to achieve better health, life extension, higher performance, improved productivity, and less stress. It’s a brand that will bring people with the common goal of living better together through events, meetups, resources, and tradeshows to help connect and empower people to live better lives.

There are amazing experts, clinicians, and resources, and it is our goal to aggregate and bring together these ever-evolving solutions to everyone. And most importantly, to create actual events for people to come in and experience what EuBiohacking can do for them.

We will launch our first full event where you can both meet up and experience new technologies in the San Francisco/Bay Area towards the end of the year.

We plan to create regular events in California and Arizona, then expand from there.